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Board Of Pensions Recomendations

Posted on May 29, 2013

Dear Friends,


The report of the May 23 Meeting of the Healthcare Committee is now available on the Board’s website at

The salient points to “take-away” are:

·         The Healthcare Committee has given serious consideration to all the feedback from our members, especially to those voices which urged a delay in order to better education congregational leadership;

·         The Committee voted to recommend that the Board retain the current dues model for the Traditional Program in 2014, with a 2% increase in dues, to 23% of Effective Salary; and,

·         The Committee further recommended a change to the medical dues model beginning in 2015, with dues of 24.5% of Effective Salary for “full family coverage” and 23% of Effective Salary in cases where member-only coverage is selected.  In this model, employing organizations could share none, some, or all of the 1.5% difference in dues with the employee.


Please note that this is a recommendation of the Healthcare Committee upon which the full Board will not take action until its June 24-25 Meeting in Philadelphia. In addition, the Board continues to welcome feedback through the micro-site


Once the full Board has acted, the Board will unfold a communication plan that will assist Mid-Council leadership as they work with churches to understand and implement any changes approved.


As your Regional Representative I am committed to working with to plan intentional gatherings of church treasurers, financial secretaries, and business managers to help  them as they adjust to these changes, should they be adopted.


With the hope that you enjoy a safe, relaxing, and blessed Memorial Day Weekend, I am,


Yours in Christ,




Kevin S. Keaton,

Regional Representative

Synods of the Sun and Rocky Mountains

The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

800-773-7752 Ext. 7044


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