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Posted on November 04, 2013

From Heather Lundquist

I am asking for your prayers as I come through the details of closing out the affairs of my brother following his death Sunday, Oct. 27. He has been suffering from alcoholism for years, and finally was overcome by a massive head injury caused by a fall down a flight of stairs at his home.  God's loving hand has been holding me, but every once in a while there is a crack that allows a bit of the ugliness of his living condition to overwhelm me. Many thanks.

In His Peace

Also From Mary Hammond Atkinson

Continued prayers for Mary Hammond Atkinson’s husband, Clark, as he’s scheduled for his third surgery to put bones into place (tibia, fibula, ankle pieces).   Pray for good aligning and no infection.  Mary appreciates all your prayers and cards, but no phone calls or texts or anything that requires a response from her, as she is full-time nurse, so pray for her, too!

Alan TeBrink


Alan TeBrink”s Ordination/Installation service is going to be November 10, 2013 at 4:00 PM That is this Sunday. The service will be at the Allison Presbyterian Church and we plan on having a potluck after the service.  Those planning to attend can bring some food to share with their fellow Christians.

Congratulations Alan and Brenda.

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