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Southern Cluster Summer Get together

Posted on August 07, 2013

God is awesome! There are so many ways we are shown that simple statement.

The Southern Cluster came together though the grace of God to celebrate His glory in music, worship and fellowship.  We celebrated the beauty of God's creation outdoors at the Florida Mesa Church.  Pastor Dan Straw and members of that congregation prepared the grounds of the church to accommodate more than 100 worshippers. Following regular services at the individual churches, people came bringing food for the bountiful potluck lunch.  Grace to bless the food was offered by Alan TeBrink.  The music, headed up by Scott Davis, resounded from the combined work of praise musicians from Florida Mesa, First Presbyterian Durango and Bayfield Calvary.  For two and a half hours, we worshipped, fellowshipped, shared conversations, sang and basked in the summer breezes.  Each church was asked to share with the whole gathering a piece of news about joyful happenings.

Thank you is due each and everyone of the people who attended the event. In addidtion to those mentioned above, thank you to those who provided extra organizational help: Caroni Adams, Paul and Betty Ann Beauregard, Lora Woods.

We came together. Praise God!


Peace and joy in Jesus the Christ

Heather Lundquist

Southern Cluster Leader

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