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Available grants from Syond of the Rocky Mountains

Posted on April 09, 2014



The Synod of the Rocky Mountains has two funds that the Coordinating Council has decided to make available through a grant application process.

One fund is the Newly Ordained Pastors Fund.  The available amount is $1,087.61.  This fund is leftover from CROP (Cohort of Recently Ordained Pastors).  It is a donor restricted account that is to be used for work with pastors, preferably those who have been recently ordained.

Another fund is the Sheldon Jackson Mission Fund.  The amount available is $1,743.05.  It, too, is a donor-restricted fund with the guideline to use it in ministry consistent with the spirit of Sheldon Jackson.  Coordinating Council encourages that this fund be used for supporting some effort of pioneering ministry, a worshipping community, or new church development within the bounds of SRM.

Application process.

1.  Please write a one page proposal outlining how your presbytery would use the particular fund

2.  Ask your council/cabinet to endorse it

3.  Send a copy to me (interim executive) and a copy to Lynn Smit (stated clerk) on or before June 15th

4.  The team working on the budget will review them and make a recommendation to Coordinating Council

5.  Coordinating Council will act on the recommendation at its July 13th meeting.

6.  You will be notified immediately afterward. 

If you have any questions, please let me know.


David Ezekiel
Interim Synod Executive
Synod of the Rocky Mountains

1716 North Main St., Suite A - Box 107

Longmont, CO 80501

Office  303.477.9070

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