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Colorado Flood News

Posted on September 17, 2013

   The Presbytery of Plains and Peaks wishes to inform the other Presbyterian churches in Colorado that the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program is sending staff members to the Boulder area to evaluate the damage to churches and to the homes and businesses of both church members and others in the community.  Once that is done the Presbytery of Plains and Peaks will provide information to the larger church on specific needs and possible ways to help.  Certainly financial help will be needed.  Offerings can be taken and sent to the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program.  Please designate account # DR000015 and note: "Colorado."  Thank you.
   We will publish all new information as it becomes available.

Update 9/18/2013

We Presbytery of Plains and Peaks) have enlisted Nancy Hurianek to coordinate between groups wanting to help with the flood cleanup and those requesting help.
Nancy is a member of Westview, Longmont and has been very active in PDA leading PDA mission trips the last several years for our Presbytery.

If you know of a group or individual willing to help, please send an email to Nancy at  Please understand that, at this point, this is "day work" unless you arrange your own lodging.  Please include in your email the number of people available and the dates they are available.

If you know a person needing some help, please have them contact Nancy by email with the specific location and what needs to be done.

General information about cleaning up after a flood can be found at  It is imperative to be safe when doing any kind of cleanup after a flood.  We do not want anyone becoming ill because they do not have the proper clothing or tools."

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