Today is March 26, 2023
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Prayer by Rev Paul Hayden

Posted on September 05, 2012

Almighty God, we stand in awe of You, Creator of the universe. Your power and might is beyond understanding. The glimpses we receive of your nature boggle the mind. You are holy yet loving, all powerful yet caring, all knowing yet forgiving; You are eternal and yet You became one of us in Jesus our Lord. Thank You for your tangible touch. Thank You for your living example. Thank You for your invitation to be part of your family.

God of love and grace, in your wisdom, You have commissioned us to share with others all we know You to be. You have called us to extend your tangible touch with our friends and neighbors. We are overwhelmed with your trust in us. Forgive us when selfishness stands in the way of service. Help us to see all You have given us through Jesus our Lord. Increase the sensitivity of our heart so be might sense and obey your leading. Give us the courage to extend the invitation to join your family to others You lead across our path. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen

Thank you to all Cluster Leaders and Restoring Team members who gathered yesterday to share and grow in faith for the future of the Presbytery of Western Colorado.

Peace and joy in Jesus the Christ,

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