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Update on Presbyeterian Admendments

Posted on April 18, 2013

An Update on the Amendments
From the Stated Clerk

As of April 1, most of the amendments proposed by the 2012 General Assembly have received sufficient votes to become part of the Book of Order.  In fact, with only a few exception the amendments have passed with overwhelming majorities (in the 95% range).
There are however 3 proposed amendments that are still “up in the air.”  The first of those in the proposed amendment (12-1) to the Heidleberg Catechism.  It appears that it will pass.  At present it is receiving a 90% “yes” vote.  However, because it changes the Book of Confessions, it needs a two-thirds affirmative vote so it still has a way to go.   Amendment 12-F, which requires that Presbyteries receive the endorsement of at least one other Presbytery to present an overture to the Assembly, is presently passing by a vote of 54 to 38.  And amendment 12-B (Gifts and Qualifications for Ordination) is the closest, presently failing by a margin of 40 to 51.  This amendment seems to be generating the most debate.  Surprising the focus of this controversy is a single additional statement regarding eligibility for ordination (as teaching elder, ruling elder, or deacon): “This includes repentance of sin and diligent use of the means of grace.”
It may well be that our Presbytery’s vote on these last two proposed amendments will be significant.  Council has recommended an affirmative vote on both.  If you’d like to offer an opinion, you might want to do so on the Presbytery’s blog site.

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