Today is March 26, 2023
We are a part of The Synod of the Rocky Mountains, and the Presbyterian Church USA


We believe we are a very unique presbytery in that we are constantly aware of our need to be relevant to ourselves, to our churches and to our communities. Consequently, we often find ourselves reviewing and modifying how we “do presbytery.” We invite you to check out just “how are we unique”.

Our Committees

Presbytery Council generally meets 30 days prior to all scheduled Presbytery meetings. Among other duties, Council sets the Presbytery docket and oversees arrangements and schedules for meetings. Based on current Presbytery By-Laws Council has a wide range of responsibilities both in the area of receiving and disseminating information and bringing issues to the floor of Presbytery. The guiding mandate for Council work is the affirmation that “Council’s responsibility is to keep the Presbytery focused on its Christ centered mission as we celebrate our loving God.”

Committee on Ministry
The Committee on Ministry (COM) has the complex mission of serving churches within the Presbytery as well as serving pastors in each of these churches. Among other responsibilities the COM “serves as pastor and counselor, facilitates relations between congregations and their leaders and is charged with settling difficulties on behalf of the Presbytery when appropriate”.  It often serves as a first response team when congregations are in crisis.

Assigned members serve as a liaison to congregations or fellowships who are in the process of calling a new pastor.

Subcommittee for Commissioned Ruling Elder (CRE) Program

The Commissioned Ruling Elder (formally the Commissioned Lay Pastor) program for the Presbytery of Western Colorado is served by a subcommittee of the Committee on Ministry. Presbytery has approved an enrollment process which is initiated by the potential applicant in conjunction with his/her Pastor and Session. If from this discernment process there evolves a clear desire to enroll in the Commissioned Ruling Elder program the potential applicant is directed to contact a member of the Subcommittee. Members of the Subcommittee will consult with the potential applicant, his/her Pastor and his/her Session as outlined in the document entitled "Commissioned Ruling Elder Enrollment Process; Presbytery of Western Colorado". Upon successful completion of the enrollment process, the Subcommittee will continue to work closely in the preparation, training and examination of candidates for the position of Commissioned Ruling Elder.

Committee on Preparation for Ministry
The role of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry is to assist all ministry inquirers and Candidates in our presbytery in exploring the call as they evaluate the gifts that each uniquely bring to the call to ministry.  They assist the inquirers and the candidates in all steps leading ultimately to ordination. This committee recommends helps PC (USA) find readers grading of the Standard Ordination Exams.

Human Resources Committee
The role of this committee is to nominate for Presbytery action individuals to fill vacant terms on the different standing committees.  This committee also is responsible for review of all job descriptions of Presbytery employees as well as an annual job assessment. 

Committee on Representation
In recognizing the diverse backgrounds of the members of the Presbyterian Church (USA) this committee makes sure that those diverse backgrounds are appropriately represented in the life and work of this Presbytery.

Trustees and Finance Committee
This committee is to assist the Council and any committee in regards to any financial matter, and they are to set up the next year’s budget for Presbytery.  This committee is also the trustee of any property owned by the Presbytery and helps manage presbytery loans.  This is the money group!!

X Lazy F Ranch Committee
The X Lazy F Ranch is a gift from God, a natural wilderness area, entrusted to the care of Presbytery of Western Colorado for the purposes of…

  1.  Challenging individuals to be disciples of Jesus Christ, and grow in fellowship with him.
  2.  Nurturing a sense of Christian fellowship and encouraging participation in the mission and ministry of the Body of Christ, the Church
  3.  Providing a setting for the worship of God, spiritual renewal, and new perspectives on Christian living.
  4.  Fostering an appreciation of God’s good creation, and an awareness of each person’s role in environmental stewardship.

Permanent Judicial Commission
This commission is in place in case a judicial case is brought forward.