Today is March 26, 2023
We are a part of The Synod of the Rocky Mountains, and the Presbyterian Church USA


We believe we are a very unique presbytery in that we are constantly aware of our need to be relevant to ourselves, to our churches and to our communities. Consequently, we often find ourselves reviewing and modifying how we “do presbytery.” We invite you to check out just “how are we unique”.

Our Congregations

We are One Church comprised of fifteen different congregations, fellowships and affiliates. Together we form the Presbytery of Western Colorado.

For information on any particular congregation, contact information is below.



Allison Community Presbyterian Church

Location: Allison, CO
Pastor(s): Emrys Tyler
Clerk: Norma Conley


Pine River Calvary

Location: Bayfield, CO
Pastor(s): Jane Martinez - Stated Supply
Clerk: Amy Demming


Montezuma Valley

Location: Cortez, CO
Pastor(s): Sara Armstrong
Clerk: Carol Orrell


Presbyterian Church of Delta

Location: Delta, CO
Pastor(s): Interim Pastor: Mike Motsko
Clerk: Bob Brown


First Presbyterian Church Durango

Location: Durango, CO
Pastor(s): Beau Smith
Clerk: Sue Woll

Florida Mesa

Location: Durango, CO
Pastor(s): G. Daniel Straw
Clerk: Alice Andrews


Eckert Presbyterian Church

Location: Eckert, CO
Pastor(s): Keith Vandergrift
Clerk: Tammy Blanchette

Glenwood Springs

First Presbyterian - Glenwood Springs

Location: Glenwood Springs, CO
Pastor(s): Interim Pastor - Melinda Veatch
Clerk: Karl Oelke

Grand Junction

Covenant Presbyterian

Location: Grand Junction, CO
Pastor(s): Charles B. Jerome
Clerk: Steve McCall

First Presbyterian Church Grand Junction

Location: Grand Junction, CO
Pastor(s): Tom Hansen, Jason Emberger
Clerk: Jean Dennison

Monument Presbyterian

Location: Grand Junction, CO
Pastor(s): Tyson Babayco, Megan Babayco
Clerk: Stephanie Tartaglia

Lake City

Community Presbyterian Church

Location: Lake City, CO
Pastor(s): Jason Santos
Clerk: John Bonner


First Presbyterian Church - Montrose

Location: Montrose, CO
Pastor(s): VACANT
Clerk: Kandi Ray


Community Church - Rico

Location: Rico, CO
Clerk: Marilyn Griebel


United Church of The San Juans

Location: Ridgway, CO
Pastor(s): Interim: Charles Packard
Clerk: Dennis Eliason


Christ Presbyterian Church

Location: Telluride, CO
Pastor(s): Pat Bailey
Clerk: Warner Paige