Today is March 26, 2023
We are a part of The Synod of the Rocky Mountains, and the Presbyterian Church USA


We believe we are a very unique presbytery in that we are constantly aware of our need to be relevant to ourselves, to our churches and to our communities. Consequently, we often find ourselves reviewing and modifying how we “do presbytery.” We invite you to check out just “how are we unique”.

Our Mission and Our Core Values

Our Mission and Our Core Values


Called by God, as a governing body of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in the Synod of the Rocky Mountains, the mission of the Presbytery of Western Colorado is to assist, support, equip, and challenge congregations within the Presbytery's bounds to be disciples of, and to make disciples for, Jesus Christ. This mission expresses itself in four primary ways:

To CARE for the congregations and members of Presbytery by providing guidance, encouragement and resources for their ministries;

To CONNECT congregations and members of Presbytery with one another and with the church beyond our geographical or denominational bounds;

To CHALLENGE the congregations and members of Presbytery with a vision of faithfulness so that, with God's help, our witness can grow; and

To BUILD new ministries as God leads us, bearing witness to Jesus Christ.

Core Values.

Therefore, we affirm the following core values:

We value discipleship - glad obedience to Jesus Christ, as we respond gratefully to God's inexpressible gift of love.

We value congregations that are vital and faithful - as evidenced by worship that glorifies God; life together that encourages one another and witnesses to the peace, unity, and purity to which God calls us; and mission in the world that meets human need and joyfully shares the Good News with others.

We value our connections in Jesus Christ - loving connections between people, congregations, and the church nationwide and worldwide.

We value a culture in the Presbytery that honors people as we make decisions, take stands, and debate issues – embracing one another even across lines of disagreement, recognizing that our disagreements do not have the power to divide us, and our agreements do not have the power to unite us; rather, our unity is a gift of God in Jesus Christ.