Today is May 28, 2023
We are a part of The Synod of the Rocky Mountains, and the Presbyterian Church USA


We believe we are a very unique presbytery in that we are constantly aware of our need to be relevant to ourselves, to our churches and to our communities. Consequently, we often find ourselves reviewing and modifying how we “do presbytery.” We invite you to check out just “how are we unique”.

Pressing News

The Newsletter:  Pressing News

Our Newsletter is published between two and four times a year and contains items of interest from

• Our Denomination - PCUSA
• Our Synod – the Synod of the Rocky Mountains
• Other synods
• Our Presbytery
• Other presbyteries
• Our Churches
• Our members
• Other sources

You can access a recent edition right here

You may subscribe by going to the “contact us” page and requesting to be included on our mailing list. The Newsletter is delivered by email only, except for those members who have no realistic access to email (and in our part of the United States, there are many who qualify). Due to the increasing cost of postage, we anticipate our delivery will be an email only after a time.

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