Today is March 26, 2023
We are a part of The Synod of the Rocky Mountains, and the Presbyterian Church USA


We believe we are a very unique presbytery in that we are constantly aware of our need to be relevant to ourselves, to our churches and to our communities. Consequently, we often find ourselves reviewing and modifying how we “do presbytery.” We invite you to check out just “how are we unique”.

Who Are We

About Our Presbytery
We view ourselves as one connected body made up of our many different, independent and separate congregations scattered over the western most part of Colorado.  Our locations range from the cities to the farms and ranches, from the highest of mountains to our gorgeous valleys. Travel can become problematic during winter weather and many of our congregations are located hundreds of miles apart. Yet we know and love one another as though we were across the street. We deliberately strive for connectionality between our congregations and recognize that what we are called to do is expressed through our congregations. We understand that the Church of Jesus Christ lives only to further the Kingdom of God even at the risk of losing that life.

We value a culture that honors people as we make decisions, take stands, and debate issues – embracing one another even across lines of disagreement, recognizing that our disagreements do not have the power to divide us, and our agreements do not have the power to unite us; rather, our unity is a gift of God in Jesus Christ.

We celebrate our own diversity. Our core theology is the same for all of us; around that core, we often differ, and we celebrate that.

We strive to be inclusive and to reach out to all people in inviting love as our witness to God’s love for all people.

Our Structure
Our twice yearly meetings are focused toward worship and discernment as first and foremost, which results in our traditional business then being accomplished in a more efficient and effective manner. Because of our geography and coupled with our focus and the recognition that our purpose can only be realized by becoming and remaining connectional with one another, we are structured in a very non traditional way.

For detail on our structure and to learn more please contact our cluster leaders through our contact us page

Our Clusters
Our Presbytery is evolving from one centrally located executive presbyter to embracing a “cluster” organization. We are divided geographically into three separate clusters, the Northern, the Central, and the Southern. Each cluster is led by two co-cluster leaders who assume many of the responsibilities of a general presbyter.

Each cluster gathers separately once or more each year, with our entire Presbytery meeting together at least twice each year. 

Our Communication System
The cluster style of organization combined with the limitations of our geography and our drive for connectionality, require a quality communication system.  Ours is centered around this website coupled with our blogs and a email system that allows full and frequent contact and the exchange of ideas and information between our members. This website is fully interactive in order to accommodate additions and changes. We will include internet based meetings, such as webinars and podcasts whenever they appear helpful and appropriate.

The communication system is managed and controlled on a daily basis by our Communications Administrator, sometimes affectionately known as our “guru.”

Our Staff
Beth Gilleece
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Rev. Keri Shelton
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Rev. Melinda Veatch

Rev. Tom Hanson

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Rev. Nancy Howarth

Rev Mike Motsko

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Rev. Sara Armstrong

Rev. Emrys Tyler
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